Above Store Reporting


Practical Business Solutions

RPOWER Dashboard

A real-time, secure web page viewable from any web-enabled device keeps management in touch with restaurant operations while away from the establishment. Data points include real-time site and server sales, discounts, voids, check and guest averages, and more.

Multi-Function Email

Use RPOWER’s internal Email engine to auto-send Daily Sales Reports to ownership, Pay Period Reports to your Payroll provider, or on the fly Emailing of RPOWER Reports to key personnel.

RPOWER SQL Reporting Engine

Practical Business SolutionsRPOWER’s SQL Reporting Engine makes it possible for single and multi-location groups to collect and securely warehouse store-level sales, labor, customer, and inventory data to a centralized SQL Server. Utilize RPOWER’s own secure Web Reports Package to host and view over 70 various reports including multi-store consolidated Product Mix, Hourly Sales, Overtime and Discount monitoring.

For locations wishing to merge or host their own data, RPOWER’s SQL Engine can provide a customizable solution ensuring daily collection and delivery of store data in the format that meets your technology needs.

RPOWER is also compatible with the following above-store management solutions:

  • Serval
  • Compeat
  • When To manage