5 Ways Technology Will Shape Nonprofits in 2015

Technology is changing the world around us – sometimes in subtle ways and sometimes in very dramatic ways. Consumer behavior is changing, companies are figuring out how to best use the latest technology to sell products and services and improve brand loyalty. It’s no different for nonprofits. Nonprofit Technology is causing an ongoing transformation in the nonprofit sector from the way supporters engage with their favorite nonprofits to the way nonprofit organizations fundraise, market and manage information. This will only

Obama signs “BuySecure” initiative to speed EMV adoption in the US

Obama signs “BuySecure” initiative to speed EMV adoption in the US Home Depot, Target also promised to start using chip-and-pin terminals by Jan 2015     On Friday, President Obama signed an executive order to speed the adoption of EMV-standard cards in the US. The transition to EMV—an acronym eponymous of Europay, MasterCard, and Visa, the companies that developed the standard—has been slow to gain traction in the US. The EMV standard will require credit card companies to stop relying

How mobile technology can improve donor management

Many businesses have difficulties engaging customers. They spend millions of dollars on marketing campaigns and public relations projects trying to reach individuals. As access to technology has altered the means by which people communicate, mobile devices and the Internet – social media platforms, in particular – have a greater influence on t…he methods organizations use in their outreach campaigns. Likewise, nonprofit organizations can reap the benefits of catering to the communication habits of donors to maintain an informed and connected

The Merchant And EMV: What You Need To Know To Prepare For The Magstripe To EMV Transition

The EMV Standard Reducing Counterfeit Card Fraud The EMV standard was developed in the 1990s to mitigate card-present fraud in Europe and other markets where online, real-time connectivity to issuers’ authorization systems was not widely available. The unique data provided by the EMV chip embedded in payment cards with this standard makes it nearly impossible for fraudsters to produce counterfeit cards. Fraud related to counterfeit cards has essentially been eliminated in countries where EMV was widely adopted. Reducing Card Theft

The capabilities of the merchant POS system play a pivotal role in the success of EMV

The capabilities of the merchant POS system play a pivotal role in the success of any payment innovation.  Issuers can distribute EMV cards, but EMV’s fraud reduction benefits won’t be realized if merchants can’t accept the cards.  With the near-term October 2012 incentive waiving PCI audit requirements for merchants who implement EMV-compliant terminals, planning an EMV migration strategy will be a top priority for all merchants. The resources on this site provide a range of educational material – from EMV

Don’t ignore the benefits of donor management software

Just like any aspect of nonprofit management, organization is crucial. With various moving parts and initiatives to maintain, keeping every bit of information stored and accurately coordinated to its specific function or project can be an arduous task. When organizations don’t take advantage of software for nonprofits, they run the risk of losing track of data reflecting donor history and preferences. One simple but important way that organizations can keep up with virtually all information is a donor database. However, charitable groups should first

A Few Good Donor Management Systems

The right donor management software can make a big difference in your ability to raise funds. We asked six different nonprofit technology experts about donor management software that have worked well for their nonprofit colleagues. The right donor management software can help you easily create just the right, targeted lists to ensure each of your constituents gets a message in a way that will encourage their support – and make a big difference in your ability to raise funds. Good

Bridging Mobile POS And EMV

By Brian Albright As the EMV liability shift gets closer, VARs should work to prepare merchants to support this new payment type in mobile POS and other solutions.   Two key events stand to make POS security more complex this year: the adoption of mobile POS solutions and the impending October 2015 Europay, MasterCard, and VISA (EMV)-related “liability shift.” Merchants who have not deployed contact chip technology at the point of sale will take on additional liability for counterfeit transactions

RuCharitable A Good Donor Management Software

  The right donor management software can make a big difference in your ability to raise funds. The holiday season is upon us again, and soon you’ll need to prepare another end-of-the-year appeal – pulling together your contact and contributions information to identify the right people to receive your message. If this scenario gives you nightmares about wading through unfriendly databases, email programs, spreadsheets, and dated campaign lists, perhaps it’s time to think about a new software package. The right

EMV Chip Card Facts-at-a-Glance

The basics… EMV is the name of the global standard for chip payment cards and is based on widely used and highly secure smart card technology. EMV specifications are maintained by EMVCo. Chip payment cards are standard-sized bank cards that have a microprocessor, or a mini computer, embedded in the card that meet requirements of the EMV standard. Today, the U.S. is in the midst of migrating to chip payments. The U.S. market is larger than all of Europe’s payments