Charge Anywhere

ComsGate® is the most feature-rich IP and wireless payment gateway in the market today. With dedicated, redundant connections into all the major payment processors and wireless networks, you can be confident that ComsGate® will route your credit, debit, gift, loyalty and pre-paid transactions to wherever you need them, in a matter of seconds!

Our state-of-the-art, PCI compliant Data Center has an uptime rate of 99.99%, and with over $1 billion worth of transactions processed, our customers know they can depend on CHARGE Anywhere!

ComsGate® also provides the features our Sales Partners and Merchants expect, including Ap Dupe Protection and Store & Forward.
For a complete list of features, view our Functionality Matrix.
Our Merchants and Sales Partners also have access to ComsGate®
Transaction Manager, a secure, web-based reporting and payment
processing system that provides real time access to credit card and check transactions.