Are You Anchored By Your Current Restaurant POS?

When you have the elegant NCR Silver Pro POS app on iPad, your employees will simply know how to use it. They’ll also have the flexibility to process payments at the table. And because NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition is built for table service, you can easily re-arrange layout and tables at a moment’s notice.

  • Choose from a wide variety of credit card processors
  • Take transactions even if your internet goes down
  • Save time and improve efficiency by outfitting servers with iPads

Silver Pro Features for Table-Service Restaurants

Any point-of-sale can take payments. But NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition gives you easy-to-use, visually appealing tools to run your entire business.

  • Enjoy custom floor layout options
  • Capture customer contact information instantly for loyalty programs
  • Fine-tune user roles – from bartenders to barbacks – to ensure everyone has the access they need
  • Get deep sales reporting – from tips and taxes to discounts
  • Monitor labor costs and much more from anywhere you get an internet connection