Simple Pricing & Funding

All you pay is a merchant fee! No setup, subscription or support fees.

Organization Fee Structure

Set-up $0

Subscription Fee $0

Support Fee $0

Visa/MC/AMEX/Disc Fee 3.0% + .25 $100 via Visa 3% + .25

Processing Fees $3.25

(3% of $100 + .25) ____

Net to organization $96.75

Fees include the creation of your RuCharitable account, a merchant bank account, and all applicable bank and credit card fees.

Charitable giving is the life-blood of any nonprofit organization. Donations create partnerships with supporters, and involve givers in the life-changing work of the organization.


RuCharitables’ pricing model is specifically designed to allow you to pursue your passion, whether you’re an organization or a giver. When you create a RuCharitable account, we will provide you with a merchant account through our banking partner (Fifth/Third Bank). All you pay is a small merchant fee for the donations you transact. Our success is directly dependent on how well our system works for you!

For givers, there are no fees or hidden costs.

SMS Keyword Giving

Optional, shortcode based, keyword SMS messaging is available with each campaign. A fee of $10.00 per month will be charged for campaigns that utilize SMS keywords. This fee is applied to any month during which the keyword is active.

Receiving Funds

Your givers initiate gifts via the web or a mobile device. Those gifts are processed and accounted for in real-time by RuCharitable Funds are settled directly to your designated bank account within two to seven business days.