Virtual Point of Sale (VPOS)


Skipjack PartnerVPOS is an Internet-based, real time credit card payment application that enables merchants to process and manage phone-in transactions quickly and easily. VPOS lets merchants do away with costly hardware-based POS terminals. With VPOS, any operator with an Internet connection can have access to the most powerful, flexible and cost-effective payment application available—with no software to install.


VPOS is more than just a payment processing application. It is a complete, web-accessible credit card transaction management system. VPOS lets merchants:

  • Issue credits (partial, full and “blind”)
  • Re-authorize an existing transaction for a new amount
  • Re-bill an older transaction for a new amount without the need for the customer’s credit card number
  • Delete a transaction
  • Make a transaction recurring (using one of nine different schedules)
  • Capture a wide variety of customer data that can be downloaded for data mining purposes
  • Send customized email receipts to customer and/or merchant
  • Apply fraud screening rules to each transaction
  • Generate a wide range of standard and custom reports
  • Settle funds automatically or manually


VPOS allows merchants to process all major credit cards quickly and easily in real time while their customer is on the phone. This means that merchants can:

  • Dramatically improve customer service
  • Eliminate customer call-backs due to declined cards
  • Reduce payments processing costs
  • Reduce incidences of fraud
  • Access transactional information to help run their business
  • Increase the speed of payment processing


VPOS is perfect for call centers or any business that processes payments made by phone, fax or email.