Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Practical Business Solutions offers a variety of efficient and cost-effective strategies and programs for small to medium sized businesses. Our POS systems for small to medium sized businesses offer flexibility, improve over-all accuracy and help maintain and manage inventory while reducing over all costs.

Market Specific Solutions

Market Specific Solutions
  • Chains or Franchises
  • Tobacco Retailers
  • Electronic Stores
  • Florists
  • Gift & Novelty Shop
  • Supermarket & Grocery
  • Stores
  • Convenience Stores
  • Car Washes
  • Clothing Retailer
  • Restaurant & Delis
  • Merchandise & Equipment Rental
  • Audio & Video Retailer
  • Discount Retailers
  • Liquor Stores
  • Bookstores
  • Your Retail Store

Retail Point-Of-Sale Solutions

Business operators can benefit from a retail point-of-sale solutions so long as it is both user-friendly and easily enables employees to process sales transactions. Our programs ensure that sales are completed in a timely manner, which will eliminate long lines and improve overall customer experience.

Selling becomes simple, as the required inputs are either touching a button on the touchscreen or scanning an product’s barcode. Sales pricing and regular pricing are automatically calculated by the POS interface. This process keeps it simple: the clerk is able to quickly and efficiently scan products and handle payment from the customer with a limited number of touch points. Cash transactions are a easy, and gift cards, PIN debit, EBT and checks can also be processed.

Inventory Management & Loss Prevention

Inventory management is crucial to the overall success and profitability of any retail operation. Our solution offers an unparalleled look into your business by highlighting the highest-selling products, low inventory and missing items. Our integrated purchasing functionality can help you track vendors, manage costs and generate and receive purchase orders.

Grow Your Business

Key components to growing existing business and generating new business is to offer a quality products combined with exceptional service. However, these alone will not ensure success. Our program can attract more customer into your store and increase brand loyalty through sound marketing strategies. The tools to grow your business are in your hands through building, tracking and maintaining customer loyalty programs.

Employee Control & Security

Retail shrinkage is one of the major issues facing business owners and managers, and rightfully so. With theft of cash and inventory by employees, plus improper discounting to consumers, it is possible to lose a significant amount of money. Our program includes loss prevention features to hold employees accountable. System functions can be restricted via individual employee logins or job codes that will prevent unauthorized discounts, no sales, voids and unauthorized price changes. Detailed reporting is also available to help identify potential loss or misconduct, better informing you of your workplace.

Reporting & Administration

Why waste time performing manual duties to calculate income, manage expensive and process payroll? With our program and its on-board tools, we can assist owners and managers to streamline their administrative duties so that they can back to what they love: their business! Beyond the cost of goods sold, labor is normally the largest expensive in any retail environment, and the integrated time clock and scheduling features will help you maximize staffing while minimizing costs.

Industry Specific Solutions

Point-of-sale solution is scalable for hospitality businesses of all types and sizes both single and multi-location.

Industry Specific Solutions
  • Cafeteria
  • Fast food
  • Nightclubs & Bars
  • Coffee shops
  • Delivery
  • Fine dining
  • Pizzeria
  • Your Restaurant


Our platform is, hands-down, the most user-friendly touchscreen point-of-sale solution in the hospitality industry. Training is easy, and in as little as 60 seconds, your staff will be able to take orders and close out tickets. The navigation is easy, the screen is bright and the interface is intuitive so that staff can quickly and easily take orders and track payments.


If a touchscreen point-of-sale solution isn’t fast, it won’t work in the hospitality industry. To that end, we’ve designed our system to boost the profitability of your restaurant by saving your employees precious time on every order. Shorter lines and less time entering orders means your guests will enjoy shorter wait times and a higher overall customer experience.


Food preparation is typically the key to a business in the hospitality industry, and it’s usually the busiest. Mistakes on handwritten orders cost time and money, and will negatively impact your guests. RPE will clearly communicate orders to a kitchen printer. Tickets will be detailed for every item ordered along with special requests. Orders are easily identified with optional fields on a large, easy to read ticket that includes the time of the order, the name of the server and an assigned order number. Additional features can incorporate the use of a kitchen display system to enhance productivity while removing unnecessary paper tickets cluttering your workplace.

Reporting & Administration

Restaurateurs enter the business because of their love of the hospitality industry, but often spend more time calculating income, managing food and labor costs and placing supply orders than cooking or serving guests. Save time and money through detailed reports built into RPE so that the information you need to make the correct business decisions are readily available. The best and worst selling items on your menu, shopping lists that report estimate ingredient usage based on ordered food and a labor/sales comparison report can be integrated directly into your time clock to avoid over-staffing.